August NewsLetter

I have been keeping busy over the summer.

I am happy to report I had a great time recording a piece of mine for Viola and Piano titled In the House of the Heavenly Dragon:  I would love to share it with you. You can view the score and listen to the recording by clicking here.

Additionally I have been doing score preparation and some orchestration work on the Opera “Mrs. President” by composer Victoria Bond. The Opera is receiving its premier by Anchorage Opera  in September. We received a glowing write up in the New York Times which you can read here   “New York Times” Article  (Victoria Bond has struck gold in the story of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for the American presidency, in 1872)

Teaching News

Survey : I would love to get feedback from you on how I can make my teaching an even better learning experience for you. I will be sending you a request for a survey in the next two days so I can get feedback from you. This is completely optional and anonymous. I simply want to find out how to make your lesson time with me the most relevant to your music making.

Referral program: I am so lucky to have a great community of composers that study with me. You may not know this, but I actually turn down about half of the inquiries for lessons that contact me. Why ? Because I don’t think we will be a good fit. I truly enjoy teaching you and my “Ideal” student would be someone with the same amount of commitment and passion to create music as you have displayed. Put simply you are my ideal student. If you have a friend or colleague who you think would benefit with lessons from me I would like to extend to you half off a months worth of lessons if you refer a friend to sign up for music lessons.

William goes to Hollywood:  Congratulations to my student William Tait who has moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream as a film composer. William has picked up a residency at “the Tilden House” which was established by Hollywood composer Christopher Young to assist aspiring composers.This shows a high level of dedication to music that he would pick and move from Alabama to Hollywood to devote himself to being a composer. Good luck William !

New Teaching Materials: Over the summer I have been collecting many new ideas and materials to bring into our lessons.
These include a whole new set of lesson games and assignments. I have been developing short compositional exercises that are designed to work solely on compositional technique, and adding more extensive notes, and  multi-media examples demonstrating the assignments.
What I have noticed is that often at the end of a lesson everything is clear, but then if one has say 4-5 days away from the lesson material and then comes back to it about 50-60% of what we covered is forgotten.

I am looking at what kind of teaching materials I can develop so that when one of my students returns to the lesson the parameters will be refreshed. Additionally these can serve as your musical”Tool box”  which you can use as a source of musical inspiration

Time to clean out your Drop Box: As I prepare for the Fall and looking forward to our next season of lessons, I would like to ask you to take down the the previous lesson folders that you do not need.  I ask this only in an effort to keep things tidy, and I have been wanting to create a “Library” of sorts for all my students and I will need to have enough storage space that things don’t get crowded. It will also make it easy for us to continue to navigate through our data during lessons. Do not worry: I will not delete any material. Anything that is in your dropbox folder is “Yours”

I wish you a very creative and musically  inspired end to your August


Many best wishes



Posted on September 14, 2013 in Music Composition

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An award-winning composer, accomplished musician and sonic storyteller, Douglas Gibson resides in New York City, where he composes and gives music composition lessons locally and online worldwide.
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