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Musical DNA

Last week I read an article in the New York TImes on musical motives and  it’s connection with our own human DNA New York Times article on musical DNA. This has inspired me to think about the ways we can take a small thread of music and weave an entire world out of it I…

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This week I came across a really nice set of “Masterclass” videos done by the members of the London Symphony Orchestra. While of course working with a performer is the optimal way to collaborate, I believe these videos are a great resource. Some of the valuable lessons are:   You can see the physicality of…

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Student Testimonial

Process for creating a new music composition

While it must be said that there is not ONE process for how to create a piece, the following is a guideline I use: Step 1 Keep an idea notebook, and take it with you wherever you go. This means writing ideas while you are in a coffee shop, during quiet moments of the day,…

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Karate and “making it” as a composer

In Karate they say that once you have been given your black belt it does not mean that you have mastered anything. Rather it simply means that you have done enough exercises that you can actually begin to learn what Karate is really about. I think this is a nice metaphor to think about growing…

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Advanced Music Transcribing Techniques

Study with Doug Gibson

I have three spots currently (as of March 2012) available for one-on one study. My studio is ideally located in the heart of Manhattan, just 2 blocks away from Carnegie Hall. Contact me to reserve your spot.

Turbulence: For Cello and Piano

    Concert video of my composition “Turbulence.” Thank you Sarina Zhang and Hui Xu for your outstanding performance. Unbelievable they learned this in 2 or 3 days. Also thank you to Sam Adler for programming the work.  

How to begin the creative process

How to begin Last weekend I had a wonderful musical experience. I received a note from Sam Adler, who is head of composition at Juilliard, that one of my compositions was being performed in a concert on Super Bowl Sunday at The Juilliard School. Without me having to do any rehearsing I simply showed up…

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Composing for the Guitar (Part 2)

In my previous post I mentioned some of the critical things one needs to consider when composing for the guitar. I detailed the voicing on the piano that are crucial to know for composing well for the Guitar. I thought in this post I would simply detail some of the most famous compositions in the…

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