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Coaching for moving your career forward as a musician

Well…. I don’t have to write much in this post. If you want to make a living doing music, sooner or later you have to figure out how to make a living as a musician. This often creates many conflicts for classical performers between what feels artistically authentic and what actually makes you money. One…

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The link between Classical Music and Film Music: Part 1

One of the things that we need to do as film composers is to very quickly learn about different styles. In any given film score you may only have one or two weeks in which you need to research and learn the materials and techniques used within a certain genre. Additionally you will need to…

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Music Transcription Services

Need a song made into sheet music ? How the whole process works: I try and keep it very simple and straight forward. Simply send me a MP3 of the song you would like transcribed. I will quote you a price based on how much time I will need to get everything accurate and professional…

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Orchestration 101: From piano to woodwinds

The following example take a short composition for piano and is arranged for a large wind section of an orchestra (with auxiliary instruments)

Awakening Within

One of my earlier compositions recorded in 2006. This piece was meant to evoke the images of the whirling dervishes of the Sufi religion, and their ascent into ecstasy.

How to write for Guitar

Writing for the guitar can be a very perplexing experience if you are a composer who does not play the instrument. With the exception of solo harp, guitar seems to be one of the most confusing instruments to write for. I aim to offer composers a brief tutorial on how to write stylistically for the…

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Never Stop Growing as a Composer

Set reachable goals — Try breaking up the year into four 13-week segments. How about setting one goal a week. As the old saying goes you begin a journey of a thousand miles is traveled one-step at a time. Hang around good players/composers — you know who these people are. They are constantly working, and…

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The Next Generation of Music Scores

I have been wondering why more composers do not incorporate any kind of multi-media or web component to their scores. I believe that there is a change coming with regards to this. In no way do I think (or want) printed sheet music to go by the way side. Rather I am just free thinking…

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Top 10 Sibelius Time Savers

Number 6: using the “Go To Bar” and “Go To Page” function instead of scrolling through large scores. Level: Intermediate to Beginning Advanced  

Film Scoring Devices: Creating Killer Ostinatos

K “If all this seems too complicated for you, learn how I can help you today with lessons over the internet”

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