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Orchestration 101: From Piano To Strings

The following is an example of taking a piano composition and arranging for a string section of an Orchestra (Harp, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Bass)

Music Streaming and Copyright: Revenue for artist

Last night I went to a seminar by internet music distribution company Tunecore ( The seminar was put on to talk about the, yet again, upcoming shakeup to the music industry with music streaming. What is music streaming and what will this mean for artists. ┬áIt is a huge topic and I will describe it…

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Where to begin Part 1.

How do I begin being a composer: I’ve composed a few pieces but I have problems even knowing where to begin with a piece. I end up making up very simple harmonies and I just seem lost. I have a lot of music dancing in my head and I dont seem to know how to…

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