Composing for the Guitar (Part 2)

In my previous post I mentioned some of the critical things one needs to consider when composing for the guitar. I detailed the voicing on the piano that are crucial to know for composing well for the Guitar.

I thought in this post I would simply detail some of the most famous compositions in the Guitar’s repertoire. They highlight 3 different eras of literature (baroque, classical, and romantic)

Additionally I highly recommend you spend some time listening to some great performers/composers of the classical guitar.
These can include John Williams, David Russell, Andres Segovia, Manuel Barrueco
Some excellent technical resources can be found at, and

In the examples below simply click on each and when they open on their own page — double click again and you will get a full screen shot

Posted on February 4, 2012 in Music Composition

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An award-winning composer, accomplished musician and sonic storyteller, Douglas Gibson resides in New York City, where he composes and gives music composition lessons locally and online worldwide.
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