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How do I proceed to learn Orchestration

The only way you are really going to learn orchestration is by a combination or “stacking” learning approaches. You will need: 1. Work with real musicians: Knock on practice room doors, and throw an excerpt on a players stand. You know all those ads you see around music school about “violin teacher available” (fill in the instrument…

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OverTone Series

Transposing Vs. Concert Pitch Scores

Transposing scores is the most logically consistent in my opinion. One big advantage is you can see the tessitura in a much clearer way, and in my experience glean a little more insight into the mind of the players. However, as others have often stated, concert pitch (C scores) are simpler to read. The reality is…

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Douglas Gibson Composer: Essence for String Quartet, Guitar, and Shakuhachi

Study with Doug Gibson

I have three spots currently (as of March 2012) available for one-on one study. My studio is ideally located in the heart of Manhattan, just 2 blocks away from Carnegie Hall. Contact me to reserve your spot.

Orchestration 101: From piano to woodwinds

The following example take a short composition for piano and is arranged for a large wind section of an orchestra (with auxiliary instruments)

How to write for Guitar

Writing for the guitar can be a very perplexing experience if you are a composer who does not play the instrument. With the exception of solo harp, guitar seems to be one of the most confusing instruments to write for. I aim to offer composers a brief tutorial on how to write stylistically for the…

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Film Scoring Devices: Creating Killer Ostinatos

K “If all this seems too complicated for you, learn how I can help you today with lessons over the internet”

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