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How do I proceed to learn Orchestration

The only way you are really going to learn orchestration is by a combination or “stacking” learning approaches. You will need: 1.¬†Work with real musicians:¬†Knock on practice room doors, and throw an excerpt on a players stand. You know all those ads you see around music school about “violin teacher available” (fill in the instrument…

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General Principles of Orchestration | Music Composition Lessons in New York

Music Composition Lesson: Expanding Complex Sonorities

Where you are

Recent Project: Where you Are

I had the pleasure of doing orchestration work for composer Steve Lebetkin. The vocals feature my friend and wonderful singer Hilary Gardner. The orchestra was recorded in Prague. The player were fantastic. Thank you James Fitzpatrick and Tadlow music for organizing the session. Here is one of three songs we recorded.  

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Harmony Exercise 1a

Principals of voice leading

Study with Doug Gibson

I have three spots currently (as of March 2012) available for one-on one study. My studio is ideally located in the heart of Manhattan, just 2 blocks away from Carnegie Hall. Contact me to reserve your spot.

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