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Orchestrating Piano Music

One great practice for both learning orchestration and learning composition (they are connected you know) is taking an existing piece of music for piano and experimenting with orchestration.   For a little fun, I took an original piano composition by my friend Rob Kovacs and did an orchestration.I am posting on here so you can…

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OverTone Series

Transposing Vs. Concert Pitch Scores

Transposing scores is the most logically consistent in my opinion. One big advantage is you can see the tessitura in a much clearer way, and in my experience glean a little more insight into the mind of the players. However, as others have often stated, concert pitch (C scores) are simpler to read. The reality is…

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What is “Bad Orchestration”

In the Preface to RK, he says there are 3 kinds of orchestration: – that which sounds OK at first try – that which sounds OK after much rehearsal – that which never works If you want to attain the FIRST category – a VERY good goal for a beginner – write things which “just…

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Recording Session for String Orchestra Book

For a long time I have had a goal of creating a range of educational products. Tonight I am recording the first session which will feature advance string textures and orchestration. The Georgian Sinfonietta will be the marvelous ensemble involved.  

General Principles of Orchestration | Music Composition Lessons in New York

Music Composition Lesson: Expanding Complex Sonorities

Where you are

Recent Project: Where you Are

I had the pleasure of doing orchestration work for composer Steve Lebetkin. The vocals feature my friend and wonderful singer Hilary Gardner. The orchestra was recorded in Prague. The player were fantastic. Thank you James Fitzpatrick and Tadlow music for organizing the session. Here is one of three songs we recorded.  

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Harmony Exercise 1a

Principals of voice leading

Student Gallery: Bill Murray


Student Gallery: Dane Scozzari

Dane has just recorded an original song for the Guitar Center song writing challenge. Good luck !  So great to see my students creating music and putting it out into the world.

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Student Gallery: Tanya Dartson

Tanya is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for her first music video. Tanya states “Music has always been firmly embedded in my DNA. My ultimate dream is to have my music heard and shared by millions of people all over the world.” Her video campaign can be seen here Good luck Tanya So happy to…

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